Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Greetings. My new book is on as both a Kindle ebook and in paperback. Here is the link:

The book is entitled, "The Laws of Physics Are On My Side" and it builds on my work as an activist and farmer. I have been studying the problem of American Empire for over 45 years now and it has become painfully evident the Empire is collapsing. This will likely take down those who are unprepared, as well as those who rely on the Empire.

I was recently interviewed by Alex Smith on Radio Ecoshock and the podcast is now available, #130306. My segment is the last 11 minutes. The whole show can be found here:

If you want to just listen to my segment it is here:

Caveat: I did make one mistake under pressure. I misspoke when I said "the last 150 million years." It should be "the last 150 years." I am a trifle dyslexic.

By the way, there are three copies of my book in the Whatcom County Library System ( up here in northwest Washington state. I urge people to request the book through their local libraries. The main thing is to read the book and take what you need for your own situation.

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